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Town Meeting

North Haven's town meeting occurs annually on the second Saturday in March. For more information about North Haven's town meeting, see the FAQ section below.

Click here to learn more about town meeting and Local Government in Maine.

FAQs about Town Meeting

When is Town Meeting?
North Haven's Town Meeting occurs annually on the second Saturday of March.
Who can vote at Town Meeting?
Residents who are registered to vote on North Haven are eligible to vote. Same-day registration is available for Town Meeting.  
What gets voted on during Town Meeting?
A warrant is published ahead of town meeting listing all the articles that will be voted on during town meeting. Articles in the warrant include the annual budget, elections for open seats on Town boards and committees, new or amended ordinances, and other issues that the Town would like to put before the community to vote on.

All of this information is available in the Town Report, a document published by the Town each year ahead of town meeting. Town Reports from previous years are available here