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Timeline & Project Phases

Timeline and Project Phases

Please see below a timeline of the major steps that the Town Office and Select Board have taken to date.

In addition to these steps, the Town Administrator and Select Board hosted two rounds of identical Community Meetings -- on Thursday, November 30 (in-person) and Saturday, December 2 (virtual) for our Kick-Off meeting, and more recently on June 26 and 29, 2024 for a Phase 1 Update.

Please see the Events and Calendar page for meeting summaries and the presentation slides.

Timeline_Steps to Date

Following these initial steps, Phase 1 of the Thorofare Waterfront Project (Data Collection & Analysis) begun with the support of GEI Consultants. For a more detailed breakdown of that timeline, please see below. 

Phase 1 Timeline


Fall 2022: The Town Administrator met with affected landowners to discuss issues of sea level rise and flooding on their properties, and the proposed idea of the Thorofare Waterfront Project. Obtained letters of support for the Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) Grant.  

December 2022: Applied for $200,000 BRIC scoping grant. We are currently under further review and anticipate receiving confirmation in early 2024. You can view more information about this grant and North Haven’s status here.

August 2023: Received $10,000 from Island Institute to kick-off this project. Posted a Request for Proposals to engage engineers for initial phases.

Fall 2023: Reviewed engineering applications with an Evaluation Panel of community members. The Evaluation Panel reached a unanimous consensus to recommend GEI Consultants for this project. This recommendation was presented at a Select Board meeting in November and approved by all members of the Board.

November 2023: Hired GEI Consultants as the engineering firm for the TWP. Daniel Bannon (P.E., CFM) will be the Lead Project Engineer and Leila Pike (P.E.) will be the Flood Risk Assessment Lead. Daniel and Leila work out of GEI’s Portland office and are highly experienced in the fields of flood vulnerability assessments and resilient waterfront infrastructure.

January 2024: Received award notification for $200,000 Building Resilient Infrastructure (BRIC) Grant from FEMA. Finalized tentative Spring 2024 calendar of TWP events in collaboration with GEI Consultants. 

February 2024: GEI Consultants' Dan Bannon and Alex Gray Site Visit to North Haven from February 10-12. This site visit was intended as a data & information gathering trip to hear from as many corners of the community as possible about their concerns, observations, and ideas for improving the Thorofare Waterfront, and to take elevation measurements along the project area. During this visit, Dan and Alex met with approximately 70 people across various stakeholder meetings and open office hours at locations like the Inn & Market, Waterman's, and the School. They also did a presentation with the middle and high school students. This visit, along with the Community Survey process, greatly helped inform their Phase 1 report and understanding of the key issues and potential solutions along the Thorofare Waterfront. 

March 2024 & April 2024: Release of the Thorofare Waterfront Community Survey, which remained available for community members to fill out until mid-April online or via a paper format. In total, we received 165 responses! 

June 2024: Phase 1 report (Data Collection & Analysis) due from GEI Consultants. This report, and its key findings, were presented to affected property owners, the Select Board, project stakeholders, and the community-at-large over the span of 5 meetings and opportunities to connect with Dan Bannon and the Town about any questions. Please see the Documents section to read the full version and to view the presentation slides. 

Summer 2024: TBD - More events to come and opportunities to participate in Phase 2 - Project Scoping & Design. Check back on the website and our social media for more information. 

Project Phases

Please view the approximate project phases and corresponding timelines. This will be updated as we receive more information and further develop our 2024 TWP calendar.

Project Phases_Phase 1 Completed

We have set out an ambitious timeline for a few key reasons. One is that sea level rise and flooding is only projected to increase in the coming years, and North Haven has an opportunity to mitigate these pressures collaboratively and proactively along the Thorofare Waterfront and ensure our community’s vitality for years to come. Secondly, this is an opportune moment to utilize the climate adaptation funding that is currently available at the state and federal level for just this sort of project, so North Haven can make key improvements to the waterfront and its many functions, while shoring up our entire community’s resilience to a changing climate. Lastly, the community is engaged and invested in seeing this project through, and it is important to map out approximate milestones to help maintain this participation and energy.

Please note that these dates are approximate and subject to change, whether in response to the pacing of community deliberations, or to unforeseen obstacles along the way. These are intended as a benchmark to aim for, and to give foundational structure to a complex project.