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Get Involved: Process and Engagement

Get Involved: Process and Engagement

Process & Engagement


The Town of North Haven aims to facilitate a transparent, collaborative, community-driven process that engages a diverse range of stakeholders, affected property owners, and the community at large. Because of this project’s scope, complexity, and deep significance to the community, we hope to use consensus and compromise as guiding values in our discussions and deliberations whenever possible.

As this project area is based on primarily private property, the first step in the process was for the Town Administrator to meet with affected property owners to hear their concerns and obtain support for pursuing FEMA BRIC funds to design a comprehensive solution to the issues facing the Thorofare Waterfront and their properties. The next step, currently underway with the help of the Select Board, is to assemble a group of Stakeholders to represent the diverse perspectives of people who use and rely on the waterfront for their work, recreation, and transportation. We plan to begin facilitating these discussions and understanding various concerns and ideas from stakeholders in Winter and Spring of 2024. The Town Administrator and Select Board hosted a Communitywide Kick-Off meeting in November/December 2023, and will survey the community periodically throughout this process, email out updates, and hold meetings to share updates and generate discussion along the way.

As a part of the iterative process, we will continue working in these cycles of information gathering, organizing, and communicating across the property owners, stakeholders, and community. The goal is to get as much meaningful, representative input as possible to inform this process. For our local match required by the BRIC Grant ($50,000), we've already raised over $11,000 of volunteer, in-kind contributions thanks to the participation of community members across our various meetings & opportunities to engage in this process! 

Please check for updates and upcoming events on the website calendar, and reach out to the Select Board, Town Administrator Rick Lattimer (, and Island Fellow Claire Oxford ( if you would like to be more involved in the process, have questions or feedback, or be added to the Town’s Community Updates email list.

Stakeholder Categories: Get Involved!

If you fall into one (or more) of the following categories of identified Stakeholders and are interested in participating in this process as a representative for this category, please reach out to the Town Administrator, Rick Lattimer ( and the Island Fellow Claire Oxford ( 

As we transition into Phase 2 -- Project Scoping & Design, stakeholder input will be all the more important to generate ideas for improvements in this area that serve the whole community, while making key resilience adaptations to keep the Thorofare Waterfront running smoothly in the face of rising seas and stronger storms. 

Stakeholder Categories

Stakeholder responsibilities are entirely volunteer-based, and include the following:

  • Attending an occasional (every 1-3 month) General Stakeholder meeting for 1-2 hours.
  • Participate in smaller focus group discussions involving your category of participants (once every 1-3 months, as needed).
  • Share TWP updates with other members of your stakeholder group and solicit their feedback (e.g. for a Restaurant representative, contact other restaurant owners, discuss TWP updates, and communicate their feedback, questions, or ideas at the following stakeholder meeting).
  • Read or review relevant TWP updates and provide meaningful, sustained input to the Thorofare Waterfront Project!

We held a kickoff Stakeholder meeting in February 2024, followed by a series of small-group stakeholder sessions facilitated with GEI Consultants on their site visit to North Haven. This information and input has been vital for identifying data gaps, concerns and ideas, and potential alternatives to explore with the support of expert engineering and other professional advice.

Beginning in Summer 2024, we plan to organize Design & Scoping stakeholder workshops to discuss potential adaptations along the Thorofare Waterfront that are informed by GEI's projections of sea level rise along this area, with a focus on major themes such as Working Waterfront; Arts & Hospitality; Farming, Climate & Sustainability; and Essential and Emergency Services. Stay tuned for more information, and feel free to reach out with any questions or comments!