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Access to Housing

Objective: Increase the availability of affordable year-round housing rental and ownership opportunities.
visiongraphics 4During the 2021 Community Vision Process, Access to Housing was identified as the top community priority. In order to begin addressing this priority, the Town formed a Housing Working Group in March of 2022. In the document section below, read the findings from the Community Vision Process that led to Access to Housing being named Priority 1; learn more about who was in the Housing Working Group, its objective, and goals; and read the Housing Working Group's Findings and Recommendations Report, approved by the Select Board in January 2023. The Housing Report includes findings from a Community Priorities Survey, conducted in the summer of 2022, interviews with community stakeholders, a real estate assessment of sales data, and a housing stock inventory.

Next Steps: Implementing Recommendations
Currently, the Town is working with a Housing Working Group to investigate potential housing projects using Town-owned property, options for rental management, and understanding what resources are available to aid community members in creating additional access to housing. These steps are inline with the recommendations and specific actions outlined in the Housing Recommendations below.
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Vision Process Outcomes: Priority 11 document

  • Housing Findings from Community Vision Survey
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    To read the full Community Vision Findings Report, see the Projects and Priorities Page

2022 Housing Working Group3 documents

  • Housing Working Group Fact Sheet
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  • 2022 Housing Report
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  • 2022 Housing Recommendations
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