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Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Officers
  • Faye T. Grant, CEO
  • Tammy Brown, Associate CEO
To contact the Code Enforcement Officer, please email Tammy Brown.

Plumbing Inspector
  • Ian Hopkins, LPI

The primary goals of building and zoning codes are:

Providing a means to promote health, safety and general welfare of residents and to conserve the value of land and buildings.

The Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) is responsible for assisting, issuing and enforcing the guidelines in the Town's Land Use and Zoning Ordinances. They are also responsible for reviewing all permit applications. To learn more about which permits are reviewed by the CEO versus the Planning Board and to review the Town's zoning and land use ordinances, please visit the Ordinances & Policies page.

When must you apply for a building permit?

When you are planning or remodeling, we encourage residents to call the office with any questions or concerns about the building process.  A simple call to our office can determine if a permit is required. Obtaining required permits before any projects are started is very important and will prevent any penalties and additional fees.

To view permits that have been granted by the town, click here.
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  • Land Use Authorization Form
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  • Internal Plumbing Permit Application
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  • Tree Cutting Guidelines
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  • Appeal/Variance Application
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  • Land Use Application
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