Welcome to North Haven, Maine

About North Haven

North Haven is one of Maine's fourteen unbridged island communities.  It lies in Penobscot Bay approximately twelve miles from the midcoast city of Rockland. It is served by a Maine Department of Transportation ferry making three round trips a day from Rockland. The island's ferry link is of course dependent on the whims of wind and tide.

Its year-round population of 355 (2010 Census) swells in July and August with the return of families who own or rent seasonal homes on the Island. In 2020, North Haven celebrates the 173rd anniversary of its name day (and its 174th year of independence from Vinalhaven).

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Community Vision

The community of North Haven is in the midst of defining a community vision. Click here if you would like to read a 2-page rundown of what we are doing. Click here for more detail, including the purpose of a community vision, North Haven's process, and how you can contribute and/or get involved. Make sure to check back regularly for updates. 

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Bulletin Board

COVID-19 Awareness

Over 80 percent of the year-round community has been fully vaccinated. Many of our summer and seasonal visitors have been fully vaccinated as well, but neither the Town nor the Clinic has any way of obtaining a precise number, particularly with so many people coming and going.

The State CDC reports that transmission of the virus in Knox County is “high.” Accordingly, the CDC recommends all individuals wear masks when in an indoor public setting. The PenBay YMCA is implementing this recommendation in all its facilities, including the North Haven YMCA. Similarly, we are asking people who visit the Town Office to wear masks.

You should expect businesses and organizations across the island to adjust their mitigation policies as circumstances change.

As the situation continues to unfold, please be mindful of the virus by:

  • Remembering that even fully vaccinated people can transmit the virus;
  • Washing your hands or sanitizing frequently;
  • Wearing a mask when asked, such as in the Town Office or the YMCA; and
  • Contacting the Clinic if you have any questions, 867.2021.


Contracting Opportunity - Fire Station Roof Shingles

The Town is inviting contractors to bid on replacing the shingles on the entire Fire Station roof.  Please see the Invitation to Bid here.

Contracting Opportunity - Community Building Heat Pumps

The town is inviting contractors to bid on installing heat pumps in the Community Building.  Please see the Invitation to Bid here.

Select Board Meetings

The Select Board now meets twice monthly, on the first and third Wednesdays of each month.  The meetings still take place in the Town Office at 5:00 pm.

We are in the process of creating and adopting a remote meeting policy that will once again allow participation by telephone or by Zoom.  Please be patient.

Airstrip:  Passenger & Freight Transportation

There has been considerable discussion about Penobscot Island Air's (PIA) use of Watson's airstrip over the summer.  As town administrator, I've been involved in this issue since I started in July 2018.  But as most people know, this has been an ongoing concern for decades.  I've written a lengthy article for the October edition of the North Haven News in which I attempt to lay out the pertinent history up through today.  I'm attaching the article and the associated documents below.  My thanks to everyone involved.  Please be patient as the Town, PIA, the Watson family, and the community at large continue to work through this.


Rick Lattimer

Mullens Head Park

Our park is a tremendous asset to our community. Please help us take good care of it so everyone can enjoy it. We recently had a fire in the forest near Vista Beach that could have been catastrophic were it not for the quick response of our volunteer fire fighters. We have also found large amounts of garbage — some left over from picnics and other outings and some that is obviously household trash. We rely on volunteers to take care of the park. Please do your part to help. Carry out what you carry in, use the designated grills or your own grills - but no open fires, and clean up if you see a mess. Thanks for your cooperation.    Rick Lattimer, Town Administrator

Transfer Station -- Schedule and Hours, Payment, and Recycling Guidelines

Starting Wednesday, June 2, 2021, the Transfer Station will be open three days each week, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 9:00 to 5:00.  We will be accepting cash, but strongly prefer people purchase stickers for household trash at the Town Office.  Stickers cost $1.50 each.  A $1.50 sticker goes on a 33-gallon bag.  Place 1/2 a sticker on a 13-gallon kitchen bag.  Place two stickers on a large contractor bag.  The Town Office accepts cash, checks, and all major credit cards.

For an updated list of what can and cannot be discarded in the recycling compacter, click here.

Emergency Services

In case of emergency, please dial 911.  North Haven participates in the Knox County Emergency Management System.  Upon calling, a 911 operator will take your information and immediately contact North Haven's EMS and Fire Department, as appropriate.

Town Initiatives

For updates on the initiatives discussed during the meeting in August 2019, please go to this page on the Town's website.

Recycling at the Transfer Station

Click here for a copy of recycling guidelines at the Transfer Station. As many recyclers know, the market for recycled materials has undergone some dramatic changes. Our recycling provider, Ecomaine, has issued new guidelines to match the demand of a shrinking market for some categories of materials. Please consult it.

Burn Pile

Please remember that the burn pile is restricted to brush and untreated wood. (Latex painted construction debris is allowed.) Access to and use of the burn pile is primarily on an "honor system". The Transfer Station staff cannot continuously monitor the pile. The discarding of noxious and toxic debris which ends up being burned may result in drastic action by the state Department of Environmental Protection, up to and including permanent closure.

Ferry Information

Propane Trips: for a copy of the 1-6-16 line-up policy for passengers on propane transport trips, click here.

Line Numbers: Click here for information for how get a line number.

Rockland Line-up Policies: Click here for policies and procedures at the Rockland Terminal, including rules on switching vehicles.

Cancellation Emails: to receive email notice of ferry cancellations, click here and follow the instructions to sign up for the notice.

Water Department

Click here for a copy of the 2017 Consumer Confidence Report

Tax Maps Assessors' Information

Now online. Click here for link